Kate Middleton Is too Skinny to Get Pregnant

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Kate Middleton rocked the media earlier this week when she announced that she wanted to start having children with Prince William of Wales as soon as possible. Not only does this sound like a great idea for the future of “the throne,” but these two beautiful people are sure to make some gorgeous children. However, bad news is in the way of this dream for Kate Middleton.

According to one of the UK’s top doctors, the newlywed Kate is nearly too skinny to get pregnant. Surely this doc deserves mad respect for being one of the best in the United Kingdom, but Kate Middleton isn’t too skinny to conceive at all. In fact, there are quite a few celebs who are way skinnier that managed to make babies without a hitch. Nicole Richie, Gwyneth Paltrow and too many to list immediately come to mind, actually.

This doesn’t help after a pro-anorexia website used images of the lean wife of Prince William to inspire women to become anorexic to acheive her figure. Hey, that’s just stupid. She obviously has a naturally waif-like figure, and if she feels healthy nobody should be giving her any grief. In fact, she should probably consider telling this doctor where he can stuff it and go about enjoying her marital bliss and practice making babies without the stress of eating too little or exercising too much.

Surely, Kate Middleton may have no problem conceiving with her size. She looks great and not at all “underweight!”

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