Kate Middleton Jelly Bean to be Auctioned on Ebay

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Kate Middleton has received a lot of silly publicity, but now a jelly bean that supposedly has her image on it is going to be auctioned on eBay. A man from Somerset, England either has too much time on his hands, or his candy obsession has turned him mad.

Soon-to-be Princess Catherine has the world’s attention, but a piece of candy with her image is just ludicrous. Unless Wesley Hosie makes some serious money from his confectionary find, this auction will read ‘not sold.’ The dye on the piece of candy allegedly created an image of Kate Middleton. Hosie said that when he opened the jar of jelly beans, Kate Middleton was staring back at him.

Does one wonder what else Hosie sees when he stares into a jar of jelly beans? Some people are so desperate to make money from the wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William that it will be amusing to watch this eBay auction. The starting bid is 500 pounds sterling or about 800 American dollars. One can buy a whole lot of jelly beans for that money, or just cut out a picture of Kate Middleton and tape it to a piece of candy for free.


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