Kate Middleton, Katie Holmes Black Tights Trendsetters?

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Kate Middleton and Katie Holmes are certainly no strangers to the constant critique (to varying degrees) of their fashion choices. As paparazzi constantly follow Middleton and Holmes, one cannot help but to spot trends. The latest trend is that the Duchess of Cambridge and Tom Cruise’s wife have a thing for sheer black tights.

What? Really? Black tights? Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William, were out volunteering to help the homeless this week, but all the paparazzi seemed to focus on were Kate’s tights (and a pair of black boots). It is clear that the winter months have arrived and that Kate has transitioned from her oft discussed “nude” tights to the black.

Of course, Katie Holmes also wore black tights to her husband’s movie premiere this week. Put two (legs clad in black tights) and two together and voila… a trend has been spotted! So, are the tabloids making too big of a deal about Kate Middleton and Katie Holmes wearing black tights? They probably are, but to them, it certainly is fun to discuss.

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