Kate Middleton, Kim Kardashian Dissed on ‘Fashion Police’

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Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian had Fashion Police writing tickets to these two ladies this weekend for donning the same Alexander McQueen dress. Although red hot (at least in color), the two famous women were compared for choosing nearly exact replicas of this designer frock.

While discussing the above mentioned garment, Joan Rivers couldn’t help but say something very off-color about the Duchess of Cambridge. She mentioned that if Kate ever wants “to go to Paris,” then she should “fly” instead of taking “the tunnel.”

This reference to Princess Diana and her death in 1997 after Will’s mother crashed inside a tunnel following a chase by the paparazzi was certainly in bad taste, but that’s what Joan’s humor is all about, like it or not (and many not only don’t like it, but they don’t get it, either).

In any case, Rivers made Kelly Osbourne and Cat Deeley, both of whom hail from the UK, feel awfully uneasy after she tried this crack at being funny about someone so dear to every Brit’s heart. So, at that point, the group regrouped to focus on the task at hand: Looking at the dress by McQueen on both Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian.

While Kate wore her version, which had long sleeves, to the best of its ability, Kim, who had on the same dress without sleeves, was a bit sloppy looking as she emerged from a car looking a bit disheveled. In fact, KK needed to pull down the garment to smooth it out, as one of the E! Entertainment Television’s sartorial arbiters pointed out.

So, in the show’s segment called “Who Wore It Best?” it was Kate Middleton who ultimately remained victorious.

Meanwhile, as Kim Kardashian was called out for that way she wore her Alexander McQueen, she was appreciated with a shout-out for her general fashion sense. Indeed, the judges on this style show love Kimmy K who is also part of the E! family. No doubt she is well liked around those parts.

With that said, what do you think? Did Kate Middleton beat out Kim Kardashian when it came to wearing the same red designer frock? Did the Fashion Police get that one right when they picked the Duchess over the Hollywood princess? Thoughts?

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