Kate Middleton Look-Alikes: How They Profit

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Kate Middleton is hot in the fashion world. What the Duchess of Cambridge wears, sells. But what if someone who looked a lot like the duchess, wore a stunning dress? Would you be tempted? Six young British women—all with long brown hair, svelte bodies and big smiles—have developed modeling careers out of nowhere this past year. It’s all because, reports the Belfast Telegraph, they look like a favorite royal icon. Their lives have been changed—possibly forever.

It’s a celeb thing. Look-alikes are used in fun, and they can build careers. Remember Tina Fey’s run as Sarah Palin? If Palin had been elected—and had been as popular as Kate Middleton—Fey could have built the rest of her lifFile:Kate in Ottawa for Canada Day 2011.jpge around the job. Everyone knows these new models are not the Duchess of Cambridge—they just make people think of her.

First, it was “You look like Kate Middleton!” reports one former optician. Then a friend sent her picture to an agency. After that, the jobs rolled in. A few sleazy ones at first. Her picture, in bed with a Prince William lookalike, is on greeting cards.

Another mock Kate’s boyfriend sent in her picture. She has had several great TV jobs, spoofing Kate Middleton. But when she gets married this fall, she wants a dress that looks nothing like Kate’s.

A civil engineer with “the look” kept getting pointed at on the street, as she worked her projects. She signed up out of curiosity, and has done a few modeling gigs. She loves the clothes, but hates pretending.

All the models agree, owning copies of the ring and the engagement dress are vital to getting jobs. It could be that the same phenomenon is happening all over the world. Marketing marches on.

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