Kate Middleton Look: Shocking Image of Future Queen at the Age of 60

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A shocking image of Kate Middleton at the age of 60 was determined by forensics artist Teri Blythe. The Duchess of Cambridge—along with Prince William, Prince Harry, and Pippa Middleton—was part of the intriguing art project done by Blythe. The artist is an expert in determining the appearance of people 20, 30, and 40 years later in their lives.

See images at Daily Mail here.

Duchess Kate is seen as Queen Catherine in the photo, detailing the grayish hair and wrinkled look that has taken over. Perhaps the image is a bit harsh since the wife of Prince William is so elegant, it’s hard to imagine her losing any “radiance” as the description reads.

Pippa Middleton is seen as “matronly” and wears bangs to hide her forehead wrinkles. Prince William has lost all of his hair, but still has a smooth complexion. Prince Harry looks extremely handsome, but his facial complexion is a bit uneven due to the “hard partying” lifestyle he once led.

By viewing the pictures, it’s clear they are sans any type of plastic surgery even the royals are likely to consider down the line—Kate and Pippa most presumably—given their global status.

How will Kate Middleton, her sister, and other members of Britain’s royal family look when they reach 60?

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