Kate Middleton Lunches with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

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Kate Middleton was seen lunching with Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall on Wednesday. The former Camilla Parker Bowles, the duchess is the second wife of Prince Charles.

According to a report from People Magazine, the two appeared to be enjoying their luncheon date, but it wasn’t clear if there was a purpose to their get together.

Could Kate Middleton be seeking advice from her stepmother-in-law to be? Camilla has never been a favorite among most Brits, since she was reportedly carrying on her affair with Prince Charles while he was still married to the late Princess Diana. It would be unlikely that Kate would seek her advice, and far more likely that it was a friendly lunch date to simply get to know one another better or to discuss a detail or two about the upcoming royal wedding.

Both Kate Middleton and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, are in line to be potential queens of England, depending on the succession to the throne and how that plays out in the years to come. Perhaps they were discussing how one behaves as a queen or perfecting that stoic face that has come standard in most all photographs of Queen Elizabeth throughout the years.

Regardless of the reason for their luncheon date, the ladies have good taste. They were dining at Koffmann’s, which is located inside the infamous Berkeley Hotel. Since things didn’t appear tense to onlookers, it was probably a casual affair.

Can you imagine being Kate Middleton? Not only does she have to learn to impress and deal with the queen, but she has Prince Charles and his wife Camilla to contend with as well. Unfortunately none of these people appear to be happy or lighthearted, so it likely isn’t a walk in the park when spending time with them. These are just a few members of the royal family with whom Kate must acclimate herself as she prepares to become one of them. Fortunately she has Prince William, who seems to be more down to earth, along with brother Harry, than any other members of the royal family.

It will be interesting to see if Kate Middleton appears publicly in the next few days and weeks, lunching or visiting with other members of the royal family. Wouldn’t you love to be a fly on the wall and listen to how they attempt to welcome Kate to the world of royalty?


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