Kate Middleton Makes Baffling Royal Nanny Choice

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are expecting their first child and are beginning the tough duty of picking out a nanny. The young Royals are not about to leave their baby to just anybody and have reportedly decided only one woman would provide adequate care to the future King or Queen. Kate’s mama, Carole Middleton, has reportedly been chosen to be the royal nanny.

How could that possibly work? Carole has a business, a new home and a husband that would obviously miss her if she decided to move in with Will and Kate like some so-called source has suggested. Jessica Hay, Kate’s big-mouth old school friend, claims Carole is ready to drop everything in her own life to help out her oldest child. “Carole may even move in with them when the baby’s born so they don’t have to rely on a nanny,” Jessica says.

Will and Kate are said to be planning to be very hands-on in their child-rearing duties and are not planning to hire a full-time nanny. While that sounds fabulous, the couple will obviously need to have somebody on hand, who the child is comfortable with, to step in when royal duties demand the couple leave the baby.

It is not unheard of for a mom to help out for a few weeks after a baby is born, but it seems downright silly for Carole to actually move into Kensington Palace. Kate Middleton is breaking all kinds of royal traditions, but a nanny just makes sense in this case.

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