Kate Middleton Needs Pippa During Split from Prince William

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Kate Middleton is feeling the stress of being split apart from Prince William. Now rumor is that Kate is begging for her sister Pippa Middleton to be by her side. This can’t make the royal family too happy, can it?

It is Monday morning (March 12) and this must mean a new round of crazy tabloid rumors about Kate Middleton and her husband, Prince William. William and Kate are split apart right now, while he is in the Falklands. The tabloid Now is saying that The Duchess of Cambridge is begging for her sister Pippa to be her “lady-in-waiting.”

Of course the idea of “Party Planning Pippa” instead of some sort of “official” has reportedly wrinkled some feathers. According to the stories, Kate is royally teed-off that her sister has been “put out to pasture.”

The source goes on to say that:

Pippa’s key to Kate’s happiness. It’s a stressful, lonely job being a Royal and Pippa would’ve helped to build Kate’s morale while Wills is away.

Okay, for real? Kate Middleton’s morale has hit rock bottom because Prince William is away in the Falklands? Talk about a complete pile of rubbish. Kate is sure to do just fine and the thought that Pippa is not welcome around the royal family is bullocks as well. Pippa has been involved in royal family holidays.

Typical then are the tabloids, especially Now, trying to stir up rumors of things that aren’t even true, using “unnamed sources” that are somehow “close” to the situation. The question is why are they trying to create some sort of royal family drama, pitting Pippa Middleton (and in effect Kate) against the Queen?

One answer: it sells papers!

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