Kate Middleton Now Catherine: Confuses Her Postman Ryan Naylor

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Kate Middleton is not a Kate but a Catherine. People are addressing the princess-to-be with well wishes for her birthday, but it’s giving the local postman Ryan Naylor extra work.

Kate is to be known as Princess Catherine, but her mail or posts are addressed to her as Kate. People explains, “While celebrations for Kate Middleton’s birthday on Sunday are expected to be low key – the palace has only said that she will be spending the day “privately” and reports suggest she might spend time with her family – local postman Ryan Naylor, who delivers to the princess-to-be and her family in Bucklebury, Berkshire, is likely to have his work cut out.”

Since her engagement was announced to Prince William last November 16TH, Catherine has received mail from all over the world, wishing her well on her engagement to Prince William and a happy birthday, as she turns 29-years-old on Sunday.

You can just imagine how many well-wishers there are to the future queen, but her address is simple and people are getting it wrong.

Catherine or Kate has a nice postman. He jokes with Kate’s parents, as their names are different, as well, from the many letters addressed to them. The postman says, “‘There was one this morning to ‘Mike and Carole Middleton, Parents of Catherine Middleton, Bucklebury, Berkshire,’ he says as he jumps into his red van and heads out again on his rounds. ‘I joked with them about it. I said, Look! It still gets through. What a good postman you’ve got!'”

He must have a wonderful job bringing joy and happiness in his little red van to the happy new princess.

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