Kate Middleton Officially Sues Tabloid Over Topless Photos

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Kate Middleton is understandably furious her breasts have been splashed all over the pages of French magazine, Closer. She is a royal princess, but she is also just a normal woman who would rather not have the entire world ogling her body. Kate has managed to avoid any major scandals and is the epitome of a future queen, until now. Topless photos discredit the image she has carefully constructed. What she does behind closed doors with her husband is her business and hers alone.

Kate is not about to let this disgusting invasion of privacy go without fighting back. Prince William and Kate Middleton did not make idle threats when they alluded to legal action against the magazine. St. James Palace has released a statement revealing, “Legal proceedings for breach of privacy have been commenced today in France.”

Good for them! Hopefully, this sleazy tabloid loses their butts in this lawsuit and will be forced to close down. The statement does not mention what damages the royal couple is seeking or even what grounds the suit has been filed on. Although a lawsuit will not make the pictures disappear, at least it will send a clear message to any other tabloids and sneaky photographers who try to pull the same garbage in the future. You mess with the future King and Queen, and you will be sorry.

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