Kate Middleton: On 10 Most Fascinating People 2010 list from Barbara Walters

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Kate Middleton is one of 10 named as the Most Fascinating People for 2010 by Barbara Walkers. The news came today courtesy a report from Us magazine.

The future Queen of England joins a very eclectic list that includes Sandra Bullock, Sarah Palin, Justin Bieber, Jennifer Lopez and LeBron James.

Oh, and The Jersey Shore cast (which counts as one person — for perhaps obvious reasons).

To say this is a oddball list is to say the least. But there you go.

Maybe Ms. Walters was looking for good television more than she was looking for really fascinating personalities we would all want to meet and see interviewed.

For instance, what happened to glam and hugely rising star Adam Lambert? He would definitely have a captivating story to tell. But wait. Maybe he’ll get to tell the story after all because maybe Adam is on the list since three more names are still to be revealed, one on the show itself when it airs December 9 on ABC.

Meanwhile, do you think Kate Middleton belongs on the 10 Most Fascinating People list for 2010 from Barbara Walters? Thoughts? Thanks.

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