Kate Middleton Peanut Paste Test Causes Pregnancy Speculations?

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Kate Middleton’s refusal to eat peanut paste during a recent tour of a UNICEF famine relief depot sends up the pregnancy flags, as she not only avoided eating the bi-product of the nut, she gave her husband a look like she’s reminding him why. This refusal and odd look towards her prince caused speculation that the future Queen has a future heir on-board.

Kate and William joined the Danish Crown Prince and his wife as they looked over the depot where UNICEF supplies get dispersed for famine relief. The peanut paste, or the peanut butter, as it’s called in the US, is a main staple of the UNICEF packages handed out to areas suffering from famine.

Prince William joined Prince Frederik and Princess Mary for the tasting of the peanut product, but Kate turned down the snack that’s filled with protein. Speculation that the governments new guidelines for mothers-to-be is at the root of this refusal. The government urges pregnant women to stay away from peanuts and their bi-products due to possible allergies. Kate’s refusal is now a possible sign of pregnancy in the media today.

Kate politely declined, but she’s caught on tape shooting William a look, “hinting the couple knew something their hosts did not,” according to The Sun UK. The following day, Kate’s spokesperson said that Kate did not have a nut allergy. This furthered the speculation the Kate is with child.

This big leap from refusing peanut butter to pregnancy is a bit over the top. Kate might not like eating with cameras on her or maybe she just had some dental work done. It’s quite possible that the future Queen doesn’t like peanut paste. It’s good detective work as far as speculation goes, but the explanations are vast for Kate to turn down a taste of peanut paste!

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