Kate Middleton Photos – Prince William To Wed

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Prince William seems to be getting ready for the ball and chain, but as you can see from teh Kate Middleton Photos below, this is one time the House Of Windsor shows really good taste. This girl is beautiful and wreaks of class. She may have a lot more going for her than Diana ever did! 

It also seems the Queen and Philip are ready for it too. How can anyone not like this doll? William is for sure a favorite, far better than his old man. A lot of people are ready for a royal couple that creates excitement and this seems a great combination. Forget his the rest of the family.. make him King and give the world a knockout Queen! 

Ok, I am smitten, she could be terrible.. but I am in love.. Dirty Old Men need girls liek this to look at! No Kate Middleton Nude?

From the original wedding story at The Daily Beast 

A June engagement and winter wedding would make sense all around for the complicated royal priorities. It would come after the turmoil of the Parliamentary general election is over and a new (or the same) prime minister is installed in Downing Street. It would fit neatly with the impending transition in William ‘s Royal Air Force career transitions. In January 2011, he leaves the RAF helicopter school at Shawbury and becomes an operational pilot ready for a three-year search-and-rescue tour of duty. An announcement in 2011—another possibility—would run into two landmark moments for the Queen and Prince Philip: Philip will be 90 in June 2011, and the queen celebrates her diamond jubilee—60 years on the throne—in February 2012. Their closeness to their grandson, especially Philip, makes them eager, I am told, to see William settled in matrimony. 



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Royal Wedding Rumors Whirl in Britain


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