Kate Middleton, Pippa Sister War at Breaking Point?!

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The relationship between Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa may have taken an ugly turn according to new tabloid claims. Is it possible that Pippa Middleton is getting fed-up with playing second fiddle to the Duchess of Cambridge? Maybe the pregnant Kate is cramping little sister Pippa’s style a bit too much.

The tabloids are all over this “feud” claiming that Pippa is blaming Kate for her failed writing career. The younger Pippa reportedly quit her day job thinking that her future was in writing party planning books. Now that the first book flopped and the publishers have reportedly canceled the next two books, the finger pointing has gone crazy!

“This is hugely disappointing for Pippa as it leaves her effectively forced to choose between her career and her family…. She is becoming increasingly frustrated and angry that her reputation and livelihood is being affected by the constraints of royal life—especially as she is not a royal herself,” claims at least one UK tabloid source.

The thought here is that, thanks to Kate Middleton being a British royal (by marriage to Prince William) that Buckingham palace is calling all the shots. Pippa can’t be herself because it frowned on by the monarchy. Talk about resenting big sister.

And there lies the debate. Is Pippa using her fame for being Kate Middleton’s sister to cash-in? Some would argue yes. The problem is, Pippa is forced to live by the monarchy’s rules, but isn’t a member of the royal family herself. Somehow, she needs to find her way out of this mess, if she can!

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