Kate Middleton Pregnancy Complications, Rumor True?

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Kate Middleton is prone to pregnancy complications according to sources who have spoken with her mother-in-law, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Camilla is rumored to have told close friends that the Duchess of Cambridge can’t get pregnant because of some medical complications from her adolescence, Dot Press reports.

In May of this year, the Globe and Showbizspy printed the rumors that Camilla Parker-Bowles said as much about Kate Middleton.

Since Kate married Prince William, the public has been eager to hear about a royal pregnancy. If an announcement isn’t made right away, the press immediately publishes reports that Kate Middleton must not be able to have children when, in fact, she and William just aren’t in a rush to have a baby.

“If she will not get pregnant in the next nine months, she will defy an old British tradition of 200 years,” says Andrew Morton, a known biographer of the British Royal Family.

William and Kate aren’t conventional in royal traditions and will be the pair to break any age-old ones. When a pregnancy announcement is made, the rumors will mean nothing once again.

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