Kate Middleton Pregnant? Baby Bump Appears Out of Nowhere in New Photo

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Kate Middleton Pregnant? Well, whether she is or not, it appears that at least one publication seems to think this is the case.

Either that or they want you to believe this is the case.

STAR magazine, known for making up stories and creating drama where there is none, has once again gone and done something quite interesting.

The trashy tabloid went out of its way to actually photoshop a baby bump onto the extremely thin Duchess of Cambridge in an effort to push copies.

Of course, the real photo without the photoshop is out there and Celebuzz found it and compared it — side by side — to the obviously enhanced one.

Poor Star, it seems like their efforts to deceive the public aren’t going to work this time as everyone knows that Kate Middleton doesn’t have a baby bump at the moment.

Are you appalled by the tabloids and what they’ll do to sell copies? Did you think that Kate was pregnant?

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