Kate Middleton Pregnant? British MP Makes Startling Announcement

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Is Kate Middleton truly pregnant? According to a recent announcement made by Tory MP, Claire Perry, the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting. At least, she thinks so anyways. The comments have sparked a bit of an uproar, and many are calling the MP out for using the status of Kate’s uterus for her own political gain.

During a debate at Kate’s old school, Perry said, “I think Kate Middleton is pregnant—and that would be good for the economy.” Um, okay. It is one thing for media to speculate about Kate’s baby bump, but why in the world would a member of parliament feel the need to do so?

According to one person, Perry is “trying to make a bit of a name for herself.” Will and Kate are under enough pressure to conceive, without the government getting involved in their sex life. Aren’t there enough things to worry about? Kate already deals with plenty of baby bump rumors without the help of elevated members of society sparking more gossip.

It would not be a typical day if Kate’s belly was not scrutinized, but leave that to the media, not the government. Everybody has a job to do, and Perry should leave trivial matters like bump watch to the people who know how to properly fuel a rumor.

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