Kate Middleton Pregnant? If Not Soon, She Could Ruin Tradition!

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Kate Middleton isn’t pregnant and if she doesn’t get pregnant soon, she could mess up two centuries of British Royal history! Wow talk about some pressure to be under for Prince William and his wife Catherine. Can’t the happy couple just celebrate their first wedding anniversary in peace?

Obviously, the answer is no! Thanks to the tabloids, everyone and their mother is expecting news of a new heir, soon! That’s right, Kate Middleton better produce a kid or the British people may get upset. Worse yet, she may completely ruin tradition. Everyone is rooting for a baby… and they are expecting that announcement very, very soon.

“If Kate is not pregnant in the next nine months, she’ll be defying 200 years of royal tradition,” claims the Royal Biographer. Oh no, you don’t want to mess with “royal tradition,” do you? People don’t do well with change. So a word to the wise for Kate Middleton and Prince William: you better get in there and practice making babies. Your loyal subjects, the British people demand it.

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