Kate Middleton Pregnant? Prepping Three Nurseries

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Rumor has it that Kate Middleton is pregnant, and if you believe everything you read, the Duchess of Cambridge is busy prepping not one but three nurseries for her new addition.File:Kate Middleton wedding dress.jpg

Prince William and his wife have been under a microscope since their April wedding. People expect them to expand their family and to have a baby very soon, and according to most of the tabloids, the time has come. Supposedly Kate is busy planning for the arrival of her baby and has already started nesting. The palace has denied all of these claims and reps have confirmed that Kate is not pregnant, but the tabloids won’t let it rest.

If Kate is pregnant, she won’t be able to hide it for very long. Not that she wants to hide it, but she has to be astonished by the amount of attention this rumor is getting. If the rumor is true (about the baby, not the three nurseries, that one just seems absurd), there is obviously a palace snitch! Do you think she is pregnant?

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