Kate Middleton Pregnant? Style at Olympics Engagement is Very Telling

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Kate Middleton joined her husband, Prince William, and his little brother, Prince Harry, for a sports festival at Bacon’s College today. As always, the Duchess looked fabulous, if not a little fuller in the figure. She certainly has a way with fashion, whether she is trying to disguise a baby bump or is simply trying out something different.

Today’s dress was very casual and perfect for the outdoorsy occasion. Her economical $50 dress was very pretty and feminine and reminiscent of the style of the 1950s. Kate added a white belt to her frock, which gave the dress a bit of a flared look. She ditched her infamous nude pumps in favor of some summery wedges. The placement of the belt was just above her waistline. You can look at this picture here, and see the effect the belt has on her normally svelte figure.

Is she disguising a baby bump? In all likelihood, probably not. Will and Kate have a busy few months and adding a pregnancy to the mix would be extremely difficult. Especially if Kate is battling morning sickness. Despite a potential baby bump, Kate Middleton showed off her sporty skills and dribbled the ball down the field. She is a multi-talented royal!

What do you think of Kate’s latest fashion statement? If you liked Kate’s thrifty dress and had plans to buy it, you are too late. It has already sold out!

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