Kate Middleton Pregnant? Why a Royal One May Be on the Way

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Is Kate Middleton pregnant? The rumors have been stirring for months, and now the Daily Beast is fanning the flames even more. However, this time around, the media speculation seems reasonable.

According to writer Tom Sykes, at a state banquet in Singapore, Kate not once, but twice made a toast to the Queen with a glass of water rather than a glass of wine. Isn’t that some sort of Royal faux pas on her part?

While her hubby Prince William drunk his red Bordeaux, she turned down her burgundy Faiveley Puligny Montracht ler Cru Garennes. Under normal circumstances, surely Her Highness would have been royally annoyed that her granddaughter-in-law had refused to step up her beverage of choice while dining in the home of the Singapore president. Unless for medical reasons, who turns down such a fabulous glass of wine? Something is definitely up!

If a baby Royal is one the way, Kate Middleton made the smart decision. Her future children are more important than fitting in at a party. Her behavior at the banquet was a bit unusual; it seems the paparazzi may have the pregnancy rumors right this time around.

Do you think the time has finally come for Kate Middleton and Prince Harry to have children?

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