Kate Middleton, Prince William Ready to Run?

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are fairly athletic, but are they ready to run a marathon? Prince Harry seems to think they are and has essentially challenged his big brother to take on the grueling 26-mile run. While talking with a reporter from the BBC, Harry was doing his best to raise interest in next year’s marathon. He gushes, “What’s fantastic is my brother and his wife will be doing it next year.”

His declaration was preceded by his own lamentations about his inability to run in the marathon. He stated, “I’ve been trying to get a place for years! What do you have to do?” Surely, the organizers would jump at the chance to have one of the popular young Royals join the marathon.

The reporter seemed a little shocked and reminded Harry he was on live television, which the playful prince clearly knew the whole time. He shoots back, “He’s going to have to do it now, isn’t he?” Oh the antics of little brothers. Will, and especially Kate are probably planning a way to get back on their pranking prince.

Just to assure everyone, Kate Middleton and Prince William have no plans to run the marathon. A spokesperson from Clarence House quickly cleared up the misconception and explained Harry made the comments “in jest.” Can you imagine the security nightmare with more than 30,000 people surrounding the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?

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