Kate Middleton, Prince William Split Leaves Duchess Lonely

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Kate Middleton is desperately lonely. According to tabloid reports, the Duchess of Cambridge is extremely sad, being split from husband Prince William while he is away in the Falklands. How will Kate ever overcome the sadness of the split?

Satellite phone, anyone? According to tabloid accounts Kate Middleton begged for (and received) a satellite phone so she could have a direct and discrete phone line to Prince William:

She asked for a satellite phone so they can talk in absolute privacy. They’ve been speaking almost daily. It really lifts her spirits. They’re so in love.

Not to downplay Kate missing William while he is fulfilling his duty as a search and rescue pilot in the Falkland Islands, but it isn’t as if they will be split apart forever.

Of course, with William on the other side of the planet, there can be no ‘baby making’ for Kate Middleton. So, while the British tabloids are chomping at the bit to talk about a pregnant Kate, they are instead relegated to making the Duchess look like a lonely housewife, pining after her man. Odds are this is hardly the case in real life, though it does make for fun tabloid gossip.

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