Kate Middleton Pushing William to Quit the RAF?

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Kate Middleton and Prince William are getting ready to move into their fancy new digs at Kensington Palace as they begin to get more into their royal duties. Currently, the couple is somewhat isolated from all the hoopla while they live in a cottage in Wales. However, that is all about to change and Kate has no intention of doing the royal thing all on her own.

William is still with the RAF and must decide if he will extend his time in the service or head back to London and take up his place as a fulltime royal and heir to the throne. According to one sneaky insider, Kate is hoping for the latter and using her wifely powers to make it happen. “It’s been an emotional few weeks for them. Kate has no intention of living on her own in London in an empty palace while he works miles away in Wales,” reports an insider.

Who wouldn’t want to soak up all the luxuries of a princess? Kate may be down-to-earth and all of that, but come on, of course she wants to live in the palace and live happily ever after. Not to mention, that whole baby-making business will require a little time and effort on William’s part. Producing an heir could be difficult if he is off gallivanting around in the RAF.

Kate Middleton and Prince William are facing a crossroads. Do they give up their somewhat normal life and head off to London, or put it off for a couple more years and simply enjoy their time together? According to the source, “The last thing she wants is to be raising children alone, but if he chooses to leave the RAF and throw himself into public life, they’ll lose that last bit of normality they love.”

Decisions, decisions.

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