Kate Middleton Quits Her Job

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Kate Middleton has quit her job. Prince William’s bethrothed is no longer working for her family’s business. She was employed at her family’s party supply business as their project manager.

According to People Magazine, Kate is down to a mere 95 days until she marries her prince. Just ask any bride, and they’ll quickly tell you that planning a wedding is a full time job in itself. Just imagine planning a wedding to a prince!

An aide for Middleton has confirmed that Kate has left her job in her family’s business to “concentrate full time on preparing to become a member of the royal family.”

Will such a fete come easily to Middleton? This is a young woman who is used to doing for herself and to working hard at making a living. Will she be content to sit back and let others do for her, as she learns the ins and outs of becoming part of the royal family?

Visions of the late Princess Diana and the Duchess of Wales, Sarah Ferguson come to mind as Kate Middleton prepares for her role as the prince’s wife. Will she succumb to the stresses and demands of royal life the way Diana and Fergie so obviously did?

Kate appears to be very self-assured and strong, whereas Diana seemed demure and a bit of a wallflower at first. She never really came out of her shell full force until after she and Charles had separated. Sarah Ferguson was deemed an outcast almost from the very start of her marriage to Prince Andrew. Prince William is obviously a man of far higher character than his father and his uncle, however, and seems like the kind of man who will support his wife wholeheartedly. Kate Middleton may in fact be just the kind of woman for this role.

The Middleton family will likely miss having Kate in the midst of their family business, but are surely excited at the prospect of her marrying into the royal family. This is the first time that a “commoner” has married into the royals. Kate Middleton is not a member of the British aristocracy, but rather of its working class instead.

The next 95 days will prove both intriguing and exciting–for those watching Kate Middleton’s wedding preparations and lessons in becoming a member of the royal family, and for Kate as well. The entire world is cheering this young woman on, as she takes on a role that may be filled with as much angst and trepidation as excitement.

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