Kate Middleton: Rejecting Food to Look Skinny?

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Kate Middleton is rumored to be rejecting food in order to look skinny. This may not be exactly news to followers of the Duchess of Cambridge, but the weight loss is staggering. In the latest report out by Life & Style magazine, Kate Middleton’s weight is shrinking more and more. In fact, she’s about five pounds less than she was during her North American tour in July.

Sources tell the magazine that due to immense pressure, Kate is working out excessively and rejecting food. Friends try encouraging her to eat more, but she ignores them and has even forsaken her favorites such as Haribo candy, pizza, and French bread. The Duchess of Cambridge, like everyone else, has her weaknesses when it comes to food. Prior to her wedding, the media published reports about a high-calorie hamburger she indulged in. Anyone can tell by the thousands of photographs taken of Middleton that she’s not indulging in those very often.

Kate Middleton rises early to jog along the beach near the home she shares with William in Wales and works out in their private gym by 8:30 am every morning. William and Kate are active members of the royal family who partake in rigorous exercise. The issue lies around the Duchess’ questionable eating habits.

A source even says the Duchess’ sister, Pippa Middleton, calls her sister several times a day to make sure she’s eating right. William is said to be concerned about his bride’s weight as well, encouraging her to spend more leisurely weekend with Pippa in London.

Kate Middleton is undeniably much thinner than she was on her wedding day. In fact, she is said to have lost two dress sizes before the royal wedding. The public agrees that the Duchess is excessively thin and may be heading down the same road as the late Princess Diana. Is Prince William seeing history repeat itself with Kate?

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