Kate Middleton Reveals What Caused Her Scar!

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Everyone is eager for Kate Middleton to settle into Royal life well, and taking over Prince Charles’ charity dinner on her own last week after he was called away certainly seemed a good way to show off her confidence and knowledge.

She looked glamorous in a vintage floor-length gown, but her half-up/half-down hairdo definitely revealed more than it was supposed too – Kate accidentally put her 3 inch scar on display, which was immediately noticed by the media.

The scar, which runs behind the 29-year-old’s left ear, had raised concerns that Kate had suffered from a severe medical condition, after Clarence House stated it had been a serious operation, but refused to elaborate, declaring it private. Some even began to wonder if Kate had had a facelift before her April wedding…

Now a friend of the Duchess of Cambridge has revealed that when Kate was 14 or 15, she was hit on the head while playing sports. She was then taken to hospital for an operation, which is reported to have caused the scar.

Kate was a frequent hockey player while at school, and it’s now thought that she might have been hit on the head by a hockey stick – the same way her husband, Prince William, got his ‘Harry Potter’ scar.

The news is sure to reassure fans of the Duchess who had been concerned that she may be hiding something more sinister. It’s also likely to take the speculation away from her scar, and onto the news that magazine Harper’s Bazaar today branded Kate ‘Britain’s Best Dressed Woman’ ahead of Kate Moss and Emma Watson.

Kate, who claims she has little interest in clothes, has made the lady-like look a fashion hit again – and is sure to be thrilled with her new honour.

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