Kate Middleton Seeing the Downside of a Military Wife Today?

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It appears that Kate Middleton is one of many wives at home today with worries as their husbands military missions put them in harm’s way. What’s different with Kate’s situation is that William’s on a training mission that’s not usually considered dangerous, he’s not in an area that’s seeing fighting. While William’s not in an unstable area, his presence alone is seems to cause some level of danger.

In William’s case, he’s been put under extra security “amid fears of an attack by an Argentine extremist.” This is enough to worry any wife, but these worries probably escalated for Kate once she learned that the security around Prince William underwent an unintentional test last week and it didn’t fare well.

A swarm of journalists rushed Prince William’s Sea King as he landed at Stanley Leisure Center Field. He was there on a mercy mission when a group of journalists bearing cameras appeared quickly. This causes great concern as this crowd that swarmed William’s aircraft could just as easily been a group of “assassins armed with machine guns or rocket launchers” instead of cameras, according to the Daily Sun Sunday.

Former Scotland Yard Commander John O’Connor calls the royal security “a waste of time and money if they allow breaches like that.” His concern is that “this is carelessness that might one day cost lives.” This means if they’re worried about an extremist coming after Prince William, the others in his crew could be in danger, too.

Argentina’s disapproval of William’s presence in the Falkland Islands made headline news before his departure and since it’s well-known that Kate isn’t living in a shell somewhere, she’s surly heard this news along with the rest of the world. While the military officials understood the animosity that Prince William’s presence caused Argentina, they apparently felt it was safe enough for him to go because he’s there.

O’Connor sees this as using the royals as “political pawn.” He conveys that this is similar to putting Harry on the front lines of Afghanistan, this just “makes a complete mockery of why they have protection.”

While the royals are proud to join the military and expect to serve just as the average person going into military would, O’Connor sees this differently. He conveys that a royal family member shouldn’t get sent to an area politically in conflict with the UK or to the front lines of a war. Kate’s life as a military wife just got a bit harder it would seem, with this latest cause of concern coming from O’Connor.

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