Kate Middleton Sick of Camilla’s Scheming in Battle for the Throne?

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Kate Middleton is reportedly not happy with Prince William’s “scheming” stepmother Camilla Parker-Bowles.

There was a recent rumor that Queen Elizabeth favored grandson William to succeed her to throne over her stuffy son Prince Charles, and who could blame her for wanting to do this? It’s incredibly hard to forget that disgusting and very un-king-like tampon comment.

It also doesn’t help matters that the public doesn’t see Camilla in the best light – they loved Princess Diana, and many people see Camilla as being responsible for breaking up Diana and Charles’ marriage. If you really think about it, it’s possible that Princess Diana would still be alive today if Camilla Parker-Bowles hadn’t come along. Of course she wasn’t directly responsible for her death in any way, but things would have turned out much differently without Camilla in the picture even if Diana and Charles still got divorced.

And now according to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Camilla has gone from making Prince William’s mother miserable to upsetting his wife. The cover of the tabloid GLOBE features a photo of Kate Middleton with the words “You Make Me Sick.” Apparently Kate is tired of how Camilla has been doing some “evil plotting” in an effort to secure the throne for husband Prince Charles (presumably so that she can become “Queen Camilla”), and now Kate has decided to fight back.

But it might be pointless to bicker with Camilla Parker-Bowles over who will ascend to the throne – by law Prince Charles will become king, and it’s unlikely that his mother would find a way to snatch the throne away from him no matter how big of an embarrassment he’s been. Charles has been waiting to become king for a very long time, after all.

However, one law has already been changed for Kate Middleton and Prince William – if their first baby is a daughter, she will not be skipped over in the line of succession. The rule has always been that the first-born son gets the throne, but the old sexist law was scrapped. So who knows? Perhaps more laws could be changed so that Queen Elizabeth can hand the crown over to her grandson.

But even if Prince Charles becomes King, this doesn’t mean that the public will be any less interested in Will and Kate – Camilla can scheme all she wants, but no one will care to watch her womb. Camilla being Queen (or Princess Consort) won’t stop people from waiting breathlessly for Kate to fall pregnant or from admiring her fashion choices. Kate already has a Prince, so perhaps she should stop worrying about Camilla so that she can enjoy her amazing life.

And if she really wants to anger Camilla, she could always wait to get pregnant right around the same time that Prince Charles is finally crowned King.

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