Kate Middleton Slammed for Failure to Dress Like a Princess

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Kate Middleton is regularly praised for her simple yet elegant style, which is rather inexpensive and can be worn by almost any of her admirers. She has been coined the Discount Duchess due to her thrifty ways, and the public loves her for it. Nobody appreciates a person who flaunts their wealth at a time when so many are struggling to make ends meet.

Another grumpy person is adding his two cents about Kate’s wardrobe. Nicholas Kirkwood is one of a handful of designers who is not pleased with Catherine’s decision to shun high-end fashion. The shoe designer gets a little catty and says, “You’re meant to be a princess-y type of person, so act like one!” Whether she wears $1,000 shoes or $100 shoes, she is still a princess.

She is a princess the people can identify with and not out to make the rich richer by sporting their extraordinarily overpriced goods. Her demure style has managed to impress young and old. She has made it cool to look like a lady again without flaunting a lot of skin.

Kirkwood’s opinion is completely self-serving, “It’d be great if she did wear [my] shoes. She just wears too much high street stuff.” It is unlikely Kate Middleton would find Kirkwood’s style suitable for her fashion needs. His shoes tend to be more in line with Lady Gaga’s style than the future Queen of England.

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