Kate Middleton Smiles Through the Pain—William, Not So Much

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Kate Middleton may want to give Prince Harry a call. Weeks after Harry flashed his royal assets, Kate has followed in his footsteps and been caught on camera with barely a stitch of clothing on. Maybe Harry has some words of wisdom he can impart. The photos of the Duchess of Cambridge could not have been published at a more inopportune time as she is currently on tour with her husband, Prince William.

Unlike Harry, Kate cannot hide her face or head off to Afghanistan and wait for things to cool down. She will have to continue showing up to each of her very public appearances over the next week. Immediately following the pictures being published, Kate was required to fulfill her obligations.

Catherine Middleton has proven time and again she is the epitome of dignity, and once again held her head high and pasted on the semblance of a smile. Her protective husband was not quite as willing to pretend nothing happened. In the hours following the publication of the photos, his jaw is set, and he looked to be steaming. He is a true knight in shining armor and is probably feeling a little guilty for failing to shield his wife. Not that he could have done anything different, but it has got to be tiresome to keep a guard up 24/7.

William knows the tenuous position Kate is in and is probably extremely concerned for her health and well-being after what he has been through with his late mother. A line has most definitely been crossed, and this latest stunt will only cause Prince William and Kate Middleton to withdraw from the public eye. How can they feel comfortable bringing a child into the world knowing he or she will face twice the amount of scrutiny they currently cope with?

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