Kate Middleton Speaks Publically About Having Prince William’s Baby: Analysts Chime In

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Kate Middleton spoke publicly for the first time about her hope to have babies with Prince William (although the prince did speak about it when they announced their engagement). Could the Duchess of Cambridge be pregnant already? So far there has not been any announcement of any new royalty, but people expect a baby for the royal couple soon. Will the headlines read “Made in Canada” nine months from now?

Kate Middleton Hopes to Have Babies 'Soon' With Prince WilliamJust yesterday, Duchess Catherine met with crowds at Quebec’s City Hall during the Freedom of the City Ceremony, and said she wanted to start a family. These few words have sparked a world-wide frenzy because they are the first time the new Duchess has spoken publicly about her desire to start a family with Prince William. Most people believe the couple will produce an heir within one year of their royal wedding. According to the Hot Button blog, “It goes without saying that people have been going nuts over her words, what with the whole world apparently waiting with bated breath for Kate to have a baby.” Indeed, the world awaits “with bated breath” for that day on the Royal couple’s lives to come.

CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter also has chimed in about Kate’s statements on the Early Show, saying, “Reports have been quite cheeky. They (the reports) said, if there’s a baby nine months from now, the headlines are going to read ‘Made in Canada.'”

How exciting for the young couple. Just think one day very soon, Prince William is likely to walk in from a long day at work, and Kate will have planned a special meal. Sometime during it, she will tell him in some cute way that he will soon become a father. What a lovely scene and a beautiful continuation of her royal fairy tale.

Hopefully when she does get a bun in her oven, Kate Middeton’s style will extend to lovely maternity clothing too. That would help women all over the world look more lovely during their nine months. Now the only thing to find out is if the new little baby was made in Canada. Of course, a royal child could very well be made later this week in America as well.

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