Kate Middleton Star of More Humiliating Photos

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There is no end in sight for Kate Middleton’s topless photo scandal, no pun intended. A Danish magazine has followed through with their promise to publish more of the photos from that French terrace that had managed to stay out of the other magazines. Will it ever go away?

Despite the Royals blasting the intrusive paparazzi and actually taking legal action over the photos, Se Og Hor felt their readers deserved a chance to feast their eyes on Kate’s royal assets. The topless photos are old news, but the latest publication includes pictures of Kate without her bikini bottoms on. Oddly enough, it is an entirely different bikini than she was first photographed in.

What in the world was she doing out there, having some kind of fashion show? According to at least one blogger who claims to have seen the pictures, Kate’s nether regions are on full display in the latest publication. However, another site has published scans of the magazine and the pictures are not so bad. She managed to maintain a bit of dignity by covering herself with a towel. How incredibly embarrassing.

Maybe Kate Middleton was trying to get William’s attention. He seemed to be rather absorbed in a book and nonplussed by his wife’s naked body. Ouch! That has got to sting a bit. Hopefully, this will be the last magazine to publish the pictures, and the entire scandal will soon fade away. A pregnancy announcement would certainly help take the attention away from the risqué photos.

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