Kate Middleton Style: Braided Hair and the Kate Plait

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Kate Middleton has proven herself to be one very stylish young woman who doesn’t necessarily set new trends but definitely keeps up with them! The Duchess always looks polished from head to toe, and it is definitely Kate’s hair which has been turning heads lately.

While the Duchess is known to recycle her outfits from one occasion to the next, the one thing she has been changing up is her hair. Kate Middleton has been wearing her hair in different braided styles these past few weeks, inspiring people to create YouTube tutorials to help people re-create the “Kate Plait,” as one of her braided styles has been named.

If you are enamored with the Kate Plait, here is a written version, courtesy of Yahoo!

Braided hair styles have been popular for several months now, so Kate Middleton is definitely fond of this revisited trend. Braided styles can look extremely polished, so it’s no wonder Kate has adopted these braided looks.

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