Kate Middleton to Have 1980s Themed Birthday Party

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Kate Middleton turns 30 on January 9 and will be celebrating the milestone birthday with a bit of a party. While no one can conclusively say how the new Duchess of Cambridge will ring in a new decade on earth, speculation centers around the idea of a 1980s themed bash. It would be a fitting party considering Catherine was born in the 80s and would have memories of the last part of the decade since she would have been nearly eight years old when she ringed in 1990.

Grazia Daily has information that suggests Kate’s sister, party planner Pippa Middleton, and brother-in-law Prince Harry have went all out planning the themed event which will be capped off with a round of karaoke. Given the ultra posh guest list for the event—which includes Posh Spice a.k.a Victoria Beckham and husband David Beckham—the sing along would truly be a not-to-miss occasion.

If the 1980s party does pan out, Kate Middleton fashion watchers are pondering what the Duchess will wear. Will she opt for the fun factor and go fully retro or sport totally eighties formal wear with shoulder pads and a complete monochromatic look? Since her royal wedding, Kate has kept her fashion choices pretty safe in a high-fashion sort of way, so the word “chance” may no longer be part of her wardrobe vocabulary. However, for her own second big day within 12 months, she may choose to cut loose a bit. Fans will just have to wait until her birthday bash to see—provided any pictures leak out.

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