Kate Middleton to Wear Old Clothes on Royal Tour

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Prince William and Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, leave early next month on their first Royal Tour to Canada and the United States. In a huge break with tradition, the new princess will wear some clothes from her existing wardrobe on the trip, reports Daily Mail. She does not want to be “seen as a clothes horse,” she says.

What? Pre-worn outfits? And since pretty much everything the former Kate Middleton wears is photographed by journalists, paparazzi, and passing tourists, those outfits might even include a dress or two that everyone has already seen. Gasp! Tradition tells royalty-watchers that Queen Elizabeth has never worn a dress in one country that has already been worn in another. But this new royal is not from the same era. Tradition is not so important; frugality is.

And frugality is one of the reasons Kate Middleton—in another break with tradition—will not take a designated “dresser” with her on the tour. It is a “waste of money,” Duchess Catherine says. Not to mention that she has already made perfectly clear that she considers ladies-in-waiting unnecessary. She is “perfectly happy and confident” choosing and donning her own clothes without help. Isn’t that what most people do? Yes, of course, but most people are not Royalty.

Amazingly, of the seven people chosen to accompany Prince William and Kate Middleton on their tour, all seven are men! If the Princess needs to send out for unexpected supplies, or just needs a friendly, female ear, hotel staff will step in and fill her every wish. And if any such thing happens, no doubt it will be a story to tell for a lifetime.

The entourage consists mainly of secretaries, plus Prince William’s personal aide. Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, head of their household staff (which mostly does not exist) will also head the team, including press secretaries Miguel Head and Patrick Harrison, personal secretary Chris Keeley, advisor and aide Sir David Manning, plus one more unnamed secretary.

Kate Middleton, the Duchess, will bring her favorite hairdresser, James Pryce. Whatever will he do all day?

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