Kate Middleton Topless Photos Getting Royal Treatment with 26-Page Spread in Italian Magazine

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Kate Middleton’s topless photo scandal is about to get a lot worse. Another magazine has said it will print a full 26-page spread of the intimate photos starring the Duchess of Cambridge and her bare breasts. Unlike the French magazine, Closer, Italian mag Chi will likely avoid the long reach of the royal arm and avoid any legal action by running the photos.

Editor in Chief Alfonso Signorini feels no shame about printing the scandalous pictures. He says, “This reportage is worth a special edition. It shows in a very natural way the daily life of a young and famous couple very much in love.” While it is true the pictures paint a very intimate, loving picture of Will and Kate’s relationship, it is still a blatant invasion of privacy. Millions of husbands and wives share the same kind of intimacy, but do not have to worry the need to prove their love to the world. Why should Will and Kate?

Signorini is confident his magazine will avoid any lawsuits because basically, Closer did it first. Once that magazine published the pictures, they became public fodder. This is likely the same thinking most other rag mags will use when they publish the pictures. A palace official responded to the magazine’s action, “Any such publication would serve no purpose other than to cause further, entirely unjustifiable upset to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, who were enjoying time alone together in the privacy of a relative’s home.”

Chi promises to run the pictures Closer chose not to, which will be one of the biggest draws. The public has not quite got enough of Kate Middleton’s bare chest. Poor Kate is learning rather quickly how brutal life in the royal spotlight can be. Hopefully, she can weather this storm without too much damage to her psyche.

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