Kate Middleton Topless Photos must be Handed Over, French Court Says

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Kate Middleton topless photos must be handed over to the royals according to a French court as reported on Tuesday, but the legal ruling does not mean Closer magazine will acquiesce with the demand.

The French publication that violated French law when it published 14 photos on Friday of the princess minus her bathing suit top will also face a daily fine of $13,100 until it does so, Time reported, which can make it quite expensive to delay action.

However, the rumored revenue alleged to be being generated from publishing the photos is said to make any fine pale in comparison.

“The revenue that they will generate from sales and the increase in circulation never really equates,” the CBC reported.

And that’s the problem, isn’t it? Kate Middleton has been vindicated in court, sort of, but the legal ruling can’t stop the horse from getting out of the barn, which Time reports that Christopher Mesnooh, an American lawyer working in Paris, has said.

The Royals have won a legal victory, but it appears it does nothing for the embarrassment that they have suffered following Prince Harry’s Las Vegas scandal. And it could potentially create diplomatic issues with other countries if publication of the photos continues.

The French ruling has no bearing on the publishing companies that released the photos in Italy and Ireland, however.

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