Kate Middleton Topless Photos Result of Inside Information?

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Kate Middleton is still dealing with the aftermath of topless pictures being published. She may have had one small victory, but the pictures are still out there and are still being spread around. It is unfathomable to figure out how a royal, who would or should have been heavily guarded, was so easily and blatantly violated. Apparently, it was an inside job.

Police are investigating what is now considered a crime. Will and Kate’s privacy was violated. Originally, a female photographer was being blamed for selling the shots, but it turns out she was not the only one out there on that road snapping away. In fact, it was no coincidence the photographers were about a half-mile away, standing on the roadside with their lenses directed at the French château.

Closer magazine had inside information and knew the royal couple would be there. According to another paparazzo, “These photos were taken on the orders of Closer, who asked him to sit around for several days to take them.” Clearly, they knew what Will and Kate were up to on that terrace.

Police are taking the matter very seriously, “Officially the crime scene is the château and its environs.” Part of the investigation will include, “Who alerted him to the presence of the royal couple and where he took the pictures from.” Staff at the château are in the hot seat. Somebody sold out Kate Middleton and Prince William.

If and when the photographer is identified, he may find himself sitting in jail for being the schmuck willing to spy on the royal couple.

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