Kate Middleton Topless Photos: ‘Revenge’ Star Speaks Her Mind About the Duchess

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Kate Middleton and Prince William have certainly not taken the matter of those topless photos lightly. Amid the flurry of gossip-y chatter, the royal couple has reportedly fought back against the offensive invasion of privacy, threatening legal action over the revealing pics of Middleton while on vacation with Will, which were recently published in the aptly titled Closer magazine. Not that a lawsuit against the French glossy and its bold airing of the revealing snaps will take away the personal damage perhaps already done to the Duchess of Cambridge, nor the stress of the situation that she’s undoubtedly feeling.

While some have chided Middleton for taking such a risk with her unclothed moment, saying a woman in her heavily spotlighted position should not be so daring unless she’s okay with dealing with some of the consequences, others have lambasted the shutterbugs (and the magazines) who have lost all sense of decency, simply in an effort to make a buck and big splash.

File:Kate in Ottawa for Canada Day 2011 croped.jpgRevenge starlet Ashley Madekwe is definitely in the latter group and recently stood up for her fellow Brit, agreeing that it was quite the intrusion and that it’s her body. “She was in a private estate so… that’s a little too much,” she said at the Nylon + Sony X Headphones September TV Issue party, as Celebuzz reports.

It’s hard not to agree with Madekwe. While Kate Middleton does hold the title of Duchess of Cambridge, such status does allow her to be objectified–or to capture her off guard in such a way while she’s not in public.

Madekwe also added another note of solidarity, saying, “I’m English, and we respect the royalty. I just don’t think it should be done… I feel sorry for her.” Sounds like this actress thinks that Middleton may be deserving of a little “revenge” of her own.

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