Kate Middleton Tortured by Nude Photos

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Kate Middleton has been left absolutely humiliated after pictures of her sunbathing, nude at times, were published. She has managed to avoid any scandals during her tenure as Prince William’s girlfriend, and now wife. When she does scandal, she does it big.

Poor Kate was forced to attend one official visit after the other in the days following the topless photos coming out. How embarrassing it must have been for her, but you would never be able to tell by looking at her. She pasted on a smile and went through the motions just like any royal would be expected to do while in public.

At home, it is a different matter. A source says, “She won’t stop beating herself up.” The entire thing could have been avoided if she kept her clothes on while she was outside. Technically, yes, she thought she had complete privacy, but is there really any such thing in this day and age? Obviously, not.

William went after the perpetrators with guns blazing trying to protect his wife. He is trying to assure the Duchess she is an innocent victim, “Will has told her it’s not her fault.” Yes and no. She knows her elevated status attracts a massive amount of attention and simply should have known better.

According to the insider, “She thinks she can never let her guard down again. She has vowed this will be her last scandal.” It sucks, but it is one of the banes of being a celebrity, and that is exactly what she is. Kate Middleton will hopefully have learned a valuable lesson and avoid doing something so silly in the future. Trying to avoid tan lines is certainly not worth the price she is paying.

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