Kate Middleton Violated by Female Photographer—Royals Want Her Jailed

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Kate Middleton was violated while on vacation by a photographer who used a telephoto lens to capture her topless and possibly nude on a château balcony. It is hard to imagine anybody doing something so despicable, but the fact that it was a female is even more shocking. No, females are not above such dastardly tricks, but paparazzi tend to be men. Not to mention, it just seems like a woman would have felt some kind of camaraderie with the Duchess of Cambridge. Apparently not.

That woman is now in hiding as the royals aim to see her head on a pike. Okay, maybe not quite that serious, but the royal family is hoping to prosecute the female photographer, which could mean jail time. The disgusting woman who took the intimate photos is aptly nicknamed, “Sewer.” If the shoe fits, you might as well slap it on. Valerie Suau is the real name of the woman named in legal proceedings filed on behalf of Prince William and his wife.

Suau admits she took some pictures of the couple wearing very little, but she did not take the topless photos. Hmm, is she trying to cover her own backside? The truth will come out, which explains why Suau is in hiding. Somebody got a lot richer after selling those photos and there will be some kind of paper trail. These people had to know the trouble they were stirring up when the photos of Kate Middleton were taken and then sold. They deserve every bit of punishment dropped on their nasty heads.

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