Kate Middleton vs. Pippa: The ‘Quiet War’

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Kate Middleton and her sister Pippa may be quietly at war with each other. It happens in the best of families! Kate is the Duchess of Cambridge, in line to be the next Princess of Wales, and married to Prince William, second in line to the British throne. She comports herself perfectly in public. Her sister Pippa Middleton, is a hot and popular bachelorette, reports International Business Times. She is sometimes inclined to do whatever she wants. Those facts put the sisters quite naturally at odds. Sources report the Duchess toldFile:Kate in Ottawa for Canada Day 2011.jpg her sibling to “behave well” at all the Jubilee events to which she was invited. Yes, that kind of order between sisters always works. Not. Kate Middleton might just be sending off a salvo in the quiet war.

It seems Prince Harry has a bit of the same problem, but Harry has grown up Royal. He has something of a “bad boy” reputation, but his persona at Jubilee-type events is always clean and respectful. Pippa, on the other hand, was recently photographed in France, next to a guy with a gun in his hand. Not cool.

Apparently Kate Middleton has been worried that another scene of some kind might develop, so she is trying to control what Pippa does. For the moment, it seems to be working. The three Middleton women—Kate, Pippa and mom, Carole, even coordinated their clothes part of the time. Carole wore off-white, Pippa wore blue, and Duchess Catherine stood out in bright red—the colors of the British flag. But Pippa has been keeping very quiet, lately. That can’t last.

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