Kate Middleton Wanted as Face for Anorexia Website

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Kate Middleton is now the big name celebrity the “thinspiration” website, Pro-Ana or Pro-Anorexia is looking to as their favorite icon. The Duchess of Cambridge is now targeted by the extreme site as being their inspiration, replacing her sister, Pippa Middleton, who used to be the site’s fave, Fallen Scoop reports.

Pippa Middleton was the celebrity used as inspiration for a “thinner tomorrow” by the site, but since the Duchess of Cambridge is bypassing her sister in the rail thin department, she’s an obviously better choice. Kate Middleton is getting a lot of press for her weight—or lack of weight. The photos don’t lie. Kate is plain skinny.

Pro-Ana endorses anorexia and bulimia in order to stay thin. The site Kate Middleton is targeted by gives advice on ways to vomit, use laxatives, and stave off hunger. This isn’t the first time this site has received attention. Just months ago the Duchess and her sister were the latest pin-up celebs the anorexic site used as examples for a thin body image. Pippa was the main focus, but now they’ve moved on to Kate.

Kate Middleton may be the main focus now, but in the celebrity world stars replace each other all the time as the example to follow. Kate and Pippa Middleton appear to be interchangeable in this instance.

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