Kate Middleton Warned, Prince Charles Not Happy With Media Attention

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Kate Middleton has been told that she’d better be careful about all this media attention she and her husband Prince William have been getting, particularly in regards to their recent North American tour. Apparently, the newest royal couple received too much celebrity-type attention in the eyes of Prince Charles, who “complained to a Royal aid that it’s taking the focus off the real work that needs to be done.”

Yikes – sounds like someone is perhaps a bit jealous? First, Princess Diana took the spotlight and now Kate and his son William. Is it really fair of him, though, to blame Kate Middleton for receiving media attention? She doesn’t beg for it, that’s for sure. It’s just that the world is fascinated by her becoming a princess – it’s every little girls dream, and it happened in real life for Kate.

It’s been said that Kate Middleton and Prince William do intend to keep a bit of a low profile for a while, but should they be made to feel that they have to just to win the approval of Prince Charles?

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