Kate Middleton Was Bullied in School

At the tender age of 13, Kate Middleton stood out from her peers as being tall, skinny and shy. As many of us know, bullying reaches its heights in middle school, when kids are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in.

The girls at Downe House school called her names, stole her books and refused to sit at the same table as she. All this, simply because she didn’t quite fit in. Her parents finally moved her to Marlborough College after two terms.

Although name calling and stealing books may not seem like a big deal, many young girls commit suicide over it. Name calling isn’t just something you can ignore. It permeates the victim’s life, creating a sense of low self-worth, a sense of self-loathing. You eventually believe everyone hates you and that your life is worthless. Bullying can, and does, lead to suicide.

Jessica Hay, former classmate at Marlborough, said in an interview, “Apparently she had been bullied very badly at her previous school. She certainly looked very thin and pale. She had very little confidence.” At Marlborough, her life changed, and fortunately, she grew and thrived.

And because of her experience of being bullied, the new Duchess of Cambridge and her groom have asked that, in lieu of wedding gifts, donations be made to their favorite charities. One of these is Beat Bullying.

Although Kate Middleton appears confidant, serene and happy, it wasn’t always that way. Her message to young girls who are victims of bullying: it gets better. Kudos to Kate and William for declining gifts and requesting donations for such an important charity.

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Kate Middleton, now the Duchess of Cambridge

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