Kate Middleton: Weight Loss Result of Royal Life Taking Toll?

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Kate Middleton is suffering dramatic weight loss due to the stress of royal life since becoming the Duchess of Cambridge, another report speculates. William and Kate are scrutinized for everything they do, but Kate has been more of a target due to her shrinking size.

According to the Belfast Telegraph, the Duchess is a US size zero and a British size 4. She didn’t seek the spotlight like so many celebrities, actors, and actresses do. Her lifestyle was a sudden change in a coincidental way over whom she fell in love with; the future King of England. William and Kate are a happier couple than Prince Charles and Princess Diana were by far, but her weight loss eerily echoes that of Diana’s issues with eating disorders.

The press eyeballs Kate Middleton for any signs she’s pregnant, the next dress size lower she hits, and how she handles herself at royal engagements. All in all the Duchess of Cambridge has proven herself a stable person in every aspect of public life.

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