Kate Middleton Will Sunbathe Topless Again

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Kate Middleton endured the ultimate humiliation when photos of her sunbathing, topless, hit the tabloids. She and her husband were furious and took immediate action to stop further publication of the photos, which unfortunately is a losing battle, but it is the principal of the matter. You would think the Duchess of Cambridge learned a valuable lesson and would make sure it would never happen again.

According to a source, you would be thinking wrong. An insider reveals, “She knows she’s got a fabulous figure and isn’t scared to show it off.” She clearly embraces the, “If you got it, flaunt it,” motto. Kate has made prim and proper look cool again. She is not exactly flaunting her assets in public, but when she is alone with her husband, that is a different matter altogether.

So, will Kate learn from this fiasco and keep her clothes on when she is outdoors on private property? Nope. “While she was embarrassed when the photos were published, it hasn’t put her off going topless again,” reports the source. Oh, Kate. Yes, it is your right to go topless when you are on private property, but it is not exactly advisable. She has got to know the paparazzi are constantly waiting and watching. Why give them anything?

The source adds, “Next time, though, she’ll do it somewhere a bit more private. She just wants to lead her life.” Is there really anywhere Kate Middleton could go topless and feel completely secure nobody is looking? It has already been established a good photographer can capture scandalous images from up to a half-mile away. Is it really that important to have tanned breasts? Why not opt for a spray tan?

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