Kate Middleton Won’t Endorse Kim Kardashian Per Royal Protocol

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Kim Kardashian sent samples of her clothing line to Kate Middleton recently, however the Duchess of Cambridge probably tossed the dresses in the garbage bin behind Buckingham Palace.

You see, Kate is not allowed to officially endorse any company. Queen Elizabeth pretty much looks in the other direction, when the wife of Prince William promotes British designers. But, there’s no way the monarchy is going to allow Kate to contravene English royal tradition, to endorse the clothing line of Kim Kardashian. After all, she’s just some lowlife from an American reality television program.

While Kate is too classy to put someone down publicly, she must have rolled her eyes, when she opened the box of dresses from Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. Aren’t their dresses meant for “curvy woman,” anyways? Who in the world would ever consider Kate Middleton “curvy?”

Kim Kardashian has been sucking up publicly to Middleton, but she’s such a shameless social climber, the Windsors must see her approaching from a mile away. Thank goodness the royals can hide behind the royal protocol, and avoid having to associate with her and her sisters’ company.

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